Hey Babes! I’m Heather Presley. I’m a hard worker, a wife, and a mother of three. This business started off as a dream of building something for my family. This is my outlet to be creative and to join other women hand in hand–building them up to be the best boss babe they can be. My mission is to create affordable and comfortable clothing for every body type. We, as women, regardless of our different shapes and sizes, are beautiful. I wanted to create a brand that would grow with you throughout your life. As women, we live in a society that imposes ridiculous standards on us. It’s time to break those standards. I want to make every woman feel sexy and confident in their own skin. We are a life cycle brand. We’re here for you for everyday errands, for working out, for lounging around, and with our Presley Maternity collection, we’re also here for you when you’re creating a life! We’ve created cute and sexy pajamas for you to wear by yourself, or with your husband. We want you to feel sexy and confident in our clothing as a reminder that you’re perfect and gorgeous. As a wife and mother, we all have days where we feel yucky. Life is a wild ride! But! WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER!
Heather Presley LLC creates hundreds of jobs here in Los Angeles! We design everything in California! God has blessed this business beyond measure!
We hope you enjoy it. Know that you’re a badass, your worth is far beyond measure, and most importantly, you’re a boss babe!

You work hard for your money. We want to create a place where you can treat yourself to the luxurious things in life and not feel guilty while you’re spoiling yourself, and at the same time, we want to motivate you to set a higher vision for yourself and become the boss babe you know you are. You’re worthy babe.


 To Get More Personal, Heres a photo of my Family

 Nick (my husband) BLAKE, HAILEY-JOE, BECKHAM (my lil nuggets)

Everything I Do Is for my babies! I Want To Be An Example For Them. Show Them They Can Do Whatever Their Hearts Desire! Anything is POSSIBLE 

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